We offer research, workshops and consultancy to support your organization in transforming into a more diverse, equitable and inclusive one.



For forward-thinking, creative and socially responsible organizations and companies the gains from having strong diversity and inclusion policies and initiatives are already somewhat self-evident - they are good for business, good for society, bring more opportunities to learn and grow, lead to more innovation, happier and more satisfied team members, better access to talent, provide opportunities to leverage what each and every team member has to offer, and are quite simply the right thing to do.

Transforming an organizational culture into a more diverse and inclusive one, however, is often a path into the unknown and requires looking for answers to a range of complex questions: What is relevant diversity for the organization and context in question? What activities, levers and tools could we use to achieve our diversity goals? How do we measure success? What are the perspectives we miss personally and structurally to effectively transform our organization?

new visions offers guidance and hands-on support in tackling these questions.




We design surveys, conduct interviews across your organization and examine existing policy and cultural documents to get a better understanding of your diversity profile, define the problem area and co-create concrete action plans for further work regarding diversity and inclusion in your organization.

We also offer tools for measuring your impact and progress.

Consultancy and support

Custom consultancy solutions tailored to your action plans and needs - check-ins via emails or phone, facilitated brainstorming sessions, insight gaining conversations etc.


We believe that you are the expert of your field and can create the solutions that fit your organization's needs the best. We are here to merely assist you in the process of finding your authentic path of transforming your organization into a more diverse, equitable and inclusive one.

our approach is:

  • interactive

  • integrating diverse perspectives

  • shifting mindsets

  • easy to comprehend

  • respectful

  • building humility and empathy

  • co-created

  • long-term

  • equitable

  • strategic

  • addressing power dynamics