Whether your need is to build a team that understands the racial/ethnic, gender, sexual orientation and generational diversity of the marketplace or create an inclusive work environment that maximizes each team member's contribution and productivity, we are there to offer engaging and thought-provoking workshops.

The workshops are just part of the process - embarking on D&I journey is a long term commitment and in order to truly achieve transformative change we suggest a holistic and comprehensive approach to diversity and inclusion in your organization.

Our workshops:

  • Intro Workshop: Building Blocks of Diversity and Inclusion work.

A two-day workshop to make a first step in D&I work - including one day of introduction to D&I and unconscious bias training, and one day of call to action - designing the next steps for your organization and teams;

  • Structures of Exclusion and Benefits of Diversity input session;

  • Unconscious Bias training,

  • Empathy Building workshop,

  • Safer Space workshop (for persons identifying as female*)

  • Inclusive Culture/Leadership

We exercise an intersectional approach to diversity in all our workshops and believe in learning as a holistic process, engaging workshop participants on:

  • socio-emotional level - a personal connection to the topic of diversity and awareness and development of attitudes of empathy, solidarity and respect for differences and diversity;

  • behavioral level - develop motivation to act responsibly and willingness to take necessary actions;

  • cognitive level  - acquiring knowledge (with focus on knowledge produced by marginalized communities), understanding interdependency and power relations, and developing skills of critical thinking

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